May 20
Currently I'm working arround the clock to get the 2.5 version of SHOUTrds ready.

In this version a few new features are added, bugfixes are done and changes are made.

New features

These are the most important new features:

+ Support for SHOUTcast 2.0 (beta).
+ Support for SAM Broadcaster.
+ RDS2Twitter to send RDS to Twitter.
+ MultiStream technology to stream to multiple streams.
+ A logfile for debugging.

Changes made

The Server Configuration is moved from the main form to an own dialog.
A dialog to show Server Status is added.
The scheduler no longer shows "* Is not a valid integer value" on sorting the items.
Textsender (the thing that sends the RDS) and Scheduler now have their own threads to prevent "hanging".
The options to send text to MSN and to read OtsDJ songinfo have been moved to an own dialog "More Options".
Sound, Graphics and Error Handling can be turned off inside the program (More Options dialog).


Click to enlarge.

The new main form
This is how the new mainform looks like.

Log dialog
This is the log dialog, it's not styled.

More Options dialog
This is the More Options dialog, from here you can change Ots, SAM, MSN, Twitter and the global settings.

This is the SAM Settings dialog to configure SAM settings.

Server Configuration dialog
This is the new Server Configuration dialog, from here you can configure your SHOUTcast server settings.

Server Status dialog
This is the ServerStatus dialog showing which RDS line is being sent to which server.

Twitter Settings dialog
This is the new Twitter Settings dialog, from here you can configure your Twitter Settings.

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